11 Tips that Helps to Lose Weight Without Diets or Pills!


There is a way to lose weight without dieting, without feeling the pressure of thinking “I can’t eat this because I’m on a diet.” Eating slowly, sleeping more hours, drinking green tea or serving food on small plates are very simple changes that you can gradually introduce into your routine and that will help you lose weight without realizing it. But these are just a few examples…

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Learn 11 tips based on scientific studies to lose weight quickly and without ties.

  1. Drink at Least 2 Liters of Water Daily:

How many times have you heard that water is the best drink there is, right? The benefits of water go beyond keeping you hydrated: it helps you prevent various health problems such as constipation, kidney stones or fluid retention , among others. But what very few people know is that water is also a perfect method to lose weight. Drinking half a liter of water 30 minutes before each meal, in combination with a low-calorie diet, causes a 44% greater weight loss. Likewise, simply drinking half a liter of water increases the metabolism by 30% and the effects multiply if the water is cold, since your body spends calories to heat it. Water fills your stomach and drives you to consume fewer calories throughout the day, in addition to increasing the burning of these up to 96 calories daily.

2. Increase Fiber Intake:

The fiber present in food, specifically soluble fiber, has very positive effects on weight reduction. This type of fiber reduces appetite and increases the sensation of filling, which translates into lower calorie consumption throughout the day and, consequently, a noticeable weight loss. By eating foods rich in soluble fiber , a kind of gelatinous substance is formed that lengthens the process of digestion and absorption of nutrients and the stomach takes longer to empty

According to Data from Several Studies:

  • Consuming 14 g of fiber daily reduces calorie consumption by 10% and causes a weight reduction equivalent to 2 kg 
  • Consuming 10 g daily of soluble fiber eliminates 3.7% of the fat that accumulates in the belly 
  • Some examples of soluble fiber foods are Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, legumes , oats , flaxseed and asparagus.

3. Do not Watch TV While Eating:

 Distractions at lunchtime can play a very bad trick on you. Watching TV, chatting with your mobile or being with a computer while you are eating can make you overeat without realizing it, since you don’t pay attention to how much food you eat. A review of previous studies published in 2013 revealed that people who eat with some distraction eat up to 10% more food than those who are concentrated on what they have on their plate. The influence of consuming a meal by diverting attention with an electronic device not only affects the timing of that meal, but also the food intake that occurs during the rest of the day.

“Distracting yourself in a meal can make you consume up to 25% more calories in later meals”.

4. Serve Your Food in Small Plates:

The brain is the organ responsible for controlling your appetite and satiety through certain hormones and, although it seems impossible, you can deceive it in this regard. When serving your food in small plates, your brain will believe that you eat a lot of food and your satiety “alert” will jump earlier. In other words, something as simple as changing the size of the dishes where you serve your food makes you feel full of fewer calories and stop eating. The smaller the dish, the less calories you will consume and the more weight you will lose. In addition, other studies have shown that large portions of food can increase calorie intake by up to 30%. The thing is clear, use small plates so you can serve less food and your brain will do the rest.

5. Eat Slowly and Chew Food Well:

According to various studies, when you eat more slowly and chew food more times, your stomach is filled earlier with smaller portions. That is, the feeling of satiety increases with fewer calories and this also leads you to eat fewer calories throughout the day. There is also scientific evidence that shows that people who eat faster are more likely to gain weight and have a higher risk of obesity

6. Eat Foods High in Protein:

Increasing protein intake contributes to weight reduction through several mechanisms:

  • It decreases appetite and hunger.
  • Reduce calorie intake.
  • Increase fat burning.

Protein is involved in the responses of weight-regulating hormones, increasing the responses of “satiety” and decreasing the responses of “hunger”. Hence, when eating foods rich in protein, you feel full and do not feel like eating more. In one study, protein intake equivalent to 30% of total calories resulted in a reduction of 441 calories per day, a significant figure.  On the other hand, protein increases metabolism and its consumption has been associated with an increase in the number of calories burned daily equivalent to 80-100 calories. And if you start your day with a protein-based breakfast, for example, with eggs , you can lose up to 65% more weight. Ah! And don’t forget that protein is the perfect nutrient to prevent muscle loss and maintain muscle mass.

7. Sleep Between 7 and 8 Hours a Day:

Have you ever been recommended to sleep more to lose weight? Well, it’s no joke; it is already a proven scientific fact that good sleep habits favor weight loss. Lack of sleep and stress are not only associated with tiredness, but also with an increased appetite and cravings and an increased risk of developing obesity. In fact, not sleeping for a minimum of hours can increase the chances of obesity by up to 89% in children and 55% in adults. In other words, sleep and rest are not only necessary to charge our batteries and have energy throughout the day: they also “take weight off you”. Schedule your day so you can spend 7 to 8 hours minimum to sleep and rest deeply – no fewer hours are accepted. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and sports late in the afternoon, set a fixed bedtime, do something relaxing before bedtime and prepare your room so you can sleep completely in the dark. If you do all this, I assure you that you will sleep like a baby.

8. Drink Green Tea:

The green tea is rich in an antioxidant substance called EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), which acts as a potent fat burning naturally. Thanks to the EGCG, drinking green tea helps you eliminate up to 17% more fat, as well as increase calorie burning by 4%. Similarly, green tea contains certain amounts of caffeine, an active ingredient also associated with fat burning and metabolism acceleration. Finally, other studies have confirmed that consuming tea on a regular basis helps burn the fat that tends to accumulate in the abdomen , that which forms the annoying and horrible belly

9. Hide Unhealthy Foods to Lose Weight:

To avoid any temptation, it would be best not to buy any unhealthy food, such as candy or other salty snacks, but it is difficult, right? So if you are trying to lose weight and have unhealthy products that may be the goal of your cravings, hide them. Put them in places where you can’t see them easily and, instead, leave healthy foods , like fruits , so you can eat them in those moments of gluttony. Experts have confirmed that having unhealthy foods within reach encourages you to eat more, since they whet your appetite and desire to eat.

10. Suppress Drinks with Artificial Sweeteners:

Drinking drinks with added sugars is one of the things that make you more fat every day. Sugar added in liquid form is even more harmful than sugar added to solid foods, since it does not satisfy the appetite and the brain does not “activate” the sensation of filling. By consuming a sugary drink, we feel like drinking non-stop, since the calories we eat go unnoticed by the weight-regulating hormones, those in charge of informing us at what time we should stop eating because we are full. According to several studies, a single daily serving of any sugary beverage increases the risk of obesity in children by 60% 

11. Choose Foods that Lose Weight:

Losing weight does not necessarily mean restricting and limiting the intake of certain foods. Losing those extra pounds can also be achieved by adding to your diet healthy and natural foods that, due to their content, favor weight loss without harming your health. In this list, you will find 20 foods to lose weight in a healthy way, and you will be surprised to see that they are not rare or impossible foods, but quite the opposite. And to make it even easier, I present 10 effective, powerful and natural fat burners (no pills or supplements) that will help you lose weight faster.