The 3 Best Diets to Lose Weight Fast Without Going Hungry!


Now that there is little for Christmas, you are already thinking about diets to lose weight fast. You want to know about diets to lose weight fast and you do not know how. Tranquil @, because this is your site, here we will explain how to do it and you will lose weight in a short time.

The Best Diets to Lose Weight Fast

Nutritionists agree that it is important that the diet is moderate, varied and balanced: follow some guidelines and above all constancy. They also advise us to do sports or at least walk one hour a day. Every year there are new diets that assure us that we are going to lose weight fast and a lot, but you really have to know how to see which ones really are.

You should also know that if you lose weight and then go back to eating as before, what will happen to you is that you will get fat again, maybe even more. The most important thing is that you introduce new eating habits that will make everything you lose not recover and keep you in a weight line. Then I present 3 of the best diets endorsed by institutions or scientists, which make these diets the best.

The Diet of the Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic is a private hospital of more prestige in the world, is well known for its great research work. They have a standard diet that is what they recommend to their patients who want to lose weight, and above all they want to maintain a long-term healthy diet, getting better health. For this they recommend that we do 30 minutes of intense exercise a day, if our health allows it. This is more a “maintenance” diet than one of the quick weight loss diets , but I advise you because with it you learn to eat healthy and well, you lose less but more safely.

Initial Phase

In its initial phase we will lose 2.5 kg to 4.5 kg, last about 2 weeks, and contain approximately 1,200 calories.

  • Breakfast: Skim yogurt and a piece of fruit.
  • Food: Pasta salad made with tuna can, 4 cups of cooked pasta, 2 cups of carrots, zucchini in small pieces and low-calorie mayonnaise. For dessert an orange, although it could serve another fruit (The important thing is to eat fruit)
  • Dinner: ⅓ cheese pizza and a green salad with half a cup of sliced ​​tomatoes, red onion and mushrooms. Two tablespoons of dressing.
  • Appetizer between meals: 1 apple.

Mediterranean Diet

What to say about the Mediterranean diet? Take advantage of the ingredients that give us the land and taste a delicious menu and especially very rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. You will stay healthy while you recover the desired figure. This is one of the quick weight loss diets that have the most scientific support, in which we have to put more fruits, vegetables, fish, whole grains if possible, legumes and olive oil. it will be a diet low in meats, carbohydrates (sugars) and saturated fats. Something essential is the practice of exercise, which at least advises walking at a rapid pace one hour a day. The PREDIMED study shows that the Mediterranean diet enriched with nuts and extra virgin olive oil reduces the chances of suffering a myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular accident or cardiovascular disease by 30%.

  • Breakfast: Coffee with milk, slice of bread with olive oil, and a glass of orange juice.
  • Appetizer : Fruit
  • Food: Stewed lentils, meatballs with peas and carrots, and dessert strawberries with cream.
  • Snack : Fresh cheese with honey.
  • Dinner: Mixed salad, baked fish with roasted potatoes. Yogurt.

The Dash Diet

It is not the first time that in Healthy Attitude we talked about this special diet and focused on a specific purpose: to combat, monitor and control hypertension, a problem that can take its toll and we should not leave it aside. The DASH diet was developed by the US National Institute of Health for patients with high blood pressure, and although it was not done as a weight loss diet it is used to lose weight and is widely used by doctors. Saturated fats, sugars and banned carbohydrates, high consumption of fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy make this an ideal diet to lose weight fast. As all diets have to be accompanied by physical exercise, and reduce or even not drink alcoholic beverages, as well as limited salt in the dishes, nothing more than to give some taste to what we eat. A menu could be this one:

  • Breakfast: Whole-wheat turkey sandwich with tomato. An orange and a green tea.
  • Appetizer : Pineapple
  • Food: Roasted pork loin with brown rice. A salad of lettuce. Fruit.
  • Snack: Carrot sticks.
  • Dinner: Pasta with natural tomato and mussels. Gelatin without sugar.

One of the effective diets for your cardiovascular health is the DASH diet.

“Within the effective diets the DASH is the most prominent among all, with it you can prevent and lower blood pressure”.

Do We Recommend these Diets to Lose Weight Fast?

The most important thing, even though you choose the most appropriate diet, is to exercise and, above all, to maintain healthy eating habits and maintain them. And that more than diets to lose weight fast, you have to seek to maintain that weight.