8 Habits That Makes You Age Faster Than You Should!


« You don’t stop laughing when you get older, you get old age when you stop laughing. »- George Bernard Shaw. There are things we do in our daily lives that can make us grow old beyond our years. As we age, we want to make sure that we are doing things in our lives to keep ourselves as healthy as possible, rather than adding years to our body. There are habits we do every day that can make us age faster. Being able to recognize these habits will make it easier to leave them, so that we can keep our bodies and minds young, and make sure that we are not aging ourselves. Science has shown that avoiding these specific habits will keep you young. « What can we do to delay the aging process? Because physical aging can be accelerated by environmental factors such as lack of physical activity, regular exercise can counteract physical aging and improve the quality of life, “says Dr. Sandra Hunter, associate professor of exercise science.

I Have Here 8 Habits that Make You Age Faster:

1. Do Not Reduce Blood Pressure:

Blood pressure is something that, while we are young, we don’t think too much. It may mean that when it really begins to matter, we have already spent enough time without monitoring our blood pressure so that things get ugly. According to Hello Heart : « It turns out that the early stages of hypertension (those experienced at 20, 30 and 40 years) and high blood pressure have a very real impact on how old you are. Although he has no symptoms similar to those of a heart attack, he is aging faster than he should, and those around him may notice it. Therefore, if you let your blood pressure not be controlled, high blood pressure can even take years off your life, which includes the risk of heart disease, stroke or even heart failure.

2. Do Not Control Your Weight:

Science has long shown that people who were overweight and who managed to lose some of that weight and maintain it were able to improve their life expectancy. Not watching your weight can make you age faster. When they were studied, patients who lost at least 1 kilo increased their life expectancy in 2 months. Maintaining a healthy weight can increase your life expectancy, as well as prevent you from aging faster.

3. Smoking:

Most people know the risks of smoking for health, including skin, lung and throat cancer. But smoking can also make you age much faster than your body should be getting older. Even after you quit smoking, it is difficult to reverse the effects that can cause problems years after you quit smoking. According to WebMD: “There may not be a fountain of youth, but there is a sure way to make you look older. Smoking changes the skin, teeth and hair in ways that can add years to your appearance. It also affects everything from fertility to the strength of the heart, lungs and bones. ” It is best that you never start smoking, but even if it has already started, quitting is much better than continuing to smoke. It is one of the most dangerous things and that will make you age faster.

4. Not Living Life:

Instead of taking risks and living your life the way you want, some people tend to take the easy path. When you do not live your life to the fullest, and your life is not something that makes you happy and fulfilled, it means that you are much more likely to die earlier, and to age faster. People who live in a state that is overwhelmingly positive have reported feeling healthier and happier, and living longer.

5. Lack of Physical Activity:

If you consider yourself a lazy person, or someone who simply doesn’t like to exercise, this could be a habit that is really shortening your life and making you age much faster than you should. Science has already demonstrated the benefits of physical activity – even low-level physical activity such as taking a walk every day. According to this study, Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky: “A person can decrease the rate at which he gets older by exercising regularly.” You don’t have to become a weightlifter, but for a longer and healthier life, starting to exercise is just what you need.

6. High Levels of Cholesterol:

Like blood pressure, cholesterol is something that many people do not pay attention to when they are young. If you have a habit of getting carried away without monitoring your cholesterol levels, you may be aging faster, even if you are between 20 and 30 years old. Making sure that you are getting enough good cholesterol and lowering your bad cholesterol is a great way to stay healthy and avoid aging faster than necessary.

7. Do Not Practice the Meditation:

Stressed? Anxious? Annoying? Do you feel many negative emotions? Do you get carried away by those feelings without trying to overcome them? Are you the type of person who is overwhelmed by his negativity? This is a habit that definitely makes you age faster. According to this study: « … meditation mitigates cognitions related to stress and the spread of negative emotions and negative excitement to stress, a practice of mindfulness or other forms of meditation can, in fact, slow down cellular aging « . Entering meditation and mindfulness will help reduce your anxiety and stress, while ensuring that your negative emotions do not take years away from your life.

8. Abandonment of Education:

Education, and especially university and beyond, may be inaccessible to many people. But, if you are able to go, it is important that you educate yourself as much as you can. Studies have shown that education has an impact on life in many different ways, and they all work together to improve your health, help you live longer and keep you young.

Final Thoughts:

No one wants to age faster than necessary! Staying young is more than buying moisturizer and wearing the right makeup. Staying young also includes taking care of your body, from your physical body to your mind and spirit. Change these habits to not age faster and to continue living a long and healthy life.