Try these Five Foods that Helps to Burn Fat Exclusively!


We have already mentioned it many times in our blog: miracles do not exist, and much less in diets. That’s why when we talk about fat burning foods we should be aware that it will not be easy or fast, now well, they will help us a lot to lose weight. When we hear the word burn fat, surely the magic pills that we can find even in supermarkets come to mind, but nothing is further from reality: burn fat with these foods that are natural products that accelerate our metabolism by undoing the accumulated fat deposits in our bodies. The tissues. We must bear in mind that weight loss has to be gradual to avoid the annoying rebound effect, and although we can use specific diets in specific cases such as fat burning soup, remember that this type of diet should never be carried out for more than seven days.


 If you want to lose those extra kilos that bother you, remember that before doing any miracle diet, it is important to have healthy habits. You can even follow these steps, do not even need to diet:

  • Drink a minimum of two liters of water per day. This will eliminate toxins and everything your body does not need.
  • Eliminate refined flours, industrial food; sweets from your meals … these foods are our biggest enemies, something like fat accumulators.
  • The sedentary lifestyle has dire consequences, not only for our weight, but also for your health. Simply walking half an hour a day will make you feel much better.
  • Eat. To lose weight, the important thing is not to stop eating, but quite the opposite. You must make five meals a day, giving priority to breakfast and, of course, controlling what you eat.

Fat Burning Foods

Today we bring you five examples of fat burning foods that will be very easy to include in your day to day without having to radically change your meals, thus avoiding the inconvenience of starting a diet and what that entails, because let’s be honest, the simple word Diet makes our appetite open.

  • The apple. The forbidden fruit in our case will be our greatest ally. It is one of the best fat burning foods, although to notice its effects you must take two or three pieces of this fruit daily. Include one at breakfast as it will give you the strength you need to face the day, another piece you can take as a dessert and the last at dinner. To take it, use imagination: you can take it naturally, make a smoothie or a delicious dessert like apple pie or apple sauce; Do it as you like!
  • Green Tea. At this point, we all know the benefits of green tea , as it reduces the ability to absorb fats from food and stimulates to burn accumulated fat in the body. Take as much green tea as you want.
  • The watermelon also, with that sweetness that identifies it, becomes one of our favorite dishes especially in summer.

“All foods with high water content will help us not only to eliminate toxins, but also to eliminate fat from our body”.

  • The idea is to consume three servings of dairy a day, since calcium stimulates the combustion of fats. A glass of milk and two yogurts will provide us with the daily rations we need and will help us fight fat. Have you tried mixing yogurt with apple chips? It’s delicious dessert that combines two of our favorite fat burning foods.
  • Curry, paprika and pepper among others, due to its spicy flavor generate greater energy expenditure during digestion, so they burn fat while they are digested. If you are a fan of spicy food, take advantage, always in moderation.