Is Fruits Allowed for Diabetics to Consume- YES or NO?


How much controversy exists regarding fruits for diabetics! Some advise against it because of its high sugar content, while others claim that you have to eat at least 4 servings of fruit a day to stay healthy. What is the correct version? What fruits are the most recommended for diabetics? We will answer those questions below.

Can Diabetics Eat Fruits?

Many people believe that fruit sugar will raise their blood sugar level. But this is not so, in fact the fruits richer in fibers are very good to reduce this level. This is because the sugar in fruits is “fructose”, which has a low glycemic index and only requires a minimum of insulin to be metabolized. So you can rest easy, because it will not cause you any instant spikes in blood sugar.

Fruits Allowed for Diabetics:

In general you can eat all that exist but there is a point that you should know before doing so and this is the way you can consume them and also which are the most recommended.

To know these two aspects, consider the following points:

  1. As for the way in which these fruits should be consumed you should know that you should not exceed about 4 or 5 servings daily. In this way it is recommended to consume them but that if always having control of the portions.
  2. Now continuing with the form of consumption it is recommended to take them accompanied by other foods since this way it makes their digestion much easier.
  3. Already in the aspect of the recommended fruits are for example grapefruit, there is also pineapple, pear, apple, strawberries and other red fruits.
  4. Now while pitaya, watermelon and bananas should also be consumed at much lower levels. In the same way, you should take good care of and measure the consumption of nuts very well since these normally contribute enough calories.

What Fruits are Most Recommended for a Diabetic?

Then, diabetics can consume fruits; although in a limited amount and not abusing the sweetest fruits. Taking this limit into account, the most recommended are the following:

  • Strawberries (250 Grams):

They have a low glycemic index, give you a feeling of fullness and keep sugar and energy levels stable.

  • Kiwi (1 Medium Unit):

Studies show that the consumption of kiwi decreases the level of blood sugar.

  • Cherries (1/2 Cup):

“They will take away your craving for something sweet without affecting your sugar level”.

Peaches (1 medium unit): They are high in fiber, vitamins and antioxidants, and improve the immune system.

  • Apples (1 Medium Unit):

They are excellent for diabetics, because they have low glycemic index, are accessible and are practical to carry and consume at any time of the day. Thanks to their high pectin content, they are loaded with benefits.

Benefits of Fruits for Diabetics:

  • Your main goal regarding your diabetes should be to control your glucose levels, and one of the ways to achieve this is to consume low glycemic foods, such as fruits. The ones mentioned above are excellent options.
  • Its vitamins and antioxidants also strengthen your immune system, improve the appearance of your skin and help you keep your energy levels stable, without providing excess calories.
  • Their sweet taste makes them a perfect substitute for other sweet foods that are much less healthy and could seriously affect your health, as well as favoring overweight. These foods are not recommended, in fact they are the ones that poison and poison your pancreas, making your illness even worse.

Forbidden Fruits for Diabetics:

  • While I have said that the fruits allowed for diabetics are all in general, I must clarify a point at which we can find some that are prohibited.
  • These are clearly those that come sweetened or in syrup. These should not be consumed because their syrup, usually made with large amounts of sugar, provides the body with many calories and also a lot of glucose.
  • Finally it should be known that in their natural state they contain their natural sweet which is not sugar but is fructose. This sweet when entering the body is processed in a simple way but it is also transformed into glucose and energy, if necessary.
  • In any case, it is worth remembering these points and being clear that they are all fruits allowed for diabetics, except for those caramelized or in syrup. Finally, if you suffer from diabetes or someone close to you have it, do not forget these points and put them into practice. Remember that a good diet is the ally to have a good life despite suffering from diabetes.



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