Things you Need to Know Before Going the Lemon Diet


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While carrying out the lemon diet it is very important that you maintain a good intake of fruits, vegetables and healthy fats so that your body is not weakened. Characterized by its acid taste and unique aroma, lemon is recognized as one of the most versatile fruits used throughout the world. Its use not only persists over the years in kitchens around the world but, thanks to its components and properties has many more uses. t is ideal to improve the health of the skin or maintain the surfaces of the home impeccable. In addition, it helps to optimize health without causing side effects or unwanted surprises.

In this case, to identify the things you should know before making the lemon diet, we will tell you about its slimming properties. In addition, we will explain what this diet consists of.

How to make the lemon diet?

This diet has become one of the most popular at present because it offers fast results with the minimum of effort. However, it is important to note that it seeks rapid effects, but not lasting.

The diet of the lemon should not be used for a long time. While lemon offers tremendous health benefits, its excessive use can be harmful.

Since lemon is a natural diuretic, this diet is responsible for eliminating toxins and fluids from the body. We can make the lemon diet for a period between 5 and 7 days, but no more. This will prevent the body from beginning to deteriorate due to the abrupt change in calorie intake and the increase in consumption of this fruit.

Steps prior to this diet

If you want to start making the lemon diet it is important to first consult with a doctor or nutritionist. This will allow you to ensure that your body can achieve the desired results and that you will not end up with a visit to the emergency room.

On the internet we can find many ways to make this diet. The most famous is the one that lasts for 7 days. As we have already indicated, it is important that you do not exceed either time or amount of lemon juice. Also, try to combine it with a balanced diet.

Do not drink the lemon juice alone

During the diet of the lemon you should consume 6 glasses of lemon juice a day. It is important that you accompany the intake of the juice with a neutral supplement such as natural yogurt, fruit or cereal bars.

Also, do not forget the consumption of proteins such as chicken or hard-boiled eggs and, of course, fruits and vegetables. You should not exceed the time to ingest the juice and it is important that you distribute them at breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

Allowed and prohibited foodsWoman eating a hamburger.

If you are going to make the lemon diet it is very important that you keep a good consumption of fruits, vegetables and healthy fats. In turn, avoid as much or as much as possible the consumption of junk food, highly sweetened beverages or energy drinks.

In general, maintaining good nutrition with this diet is relatively simple. In case your lifestyle is not the best today, it’s a good time to start.


The benefits offered by the lemon diet are many. This fruit improves and stabilizes the functioning of the digestive system, so it improves intestinal transit. This is precisely why it helps you to reduce some kilos quickly.

The lemon also maintains the hydration of the organism in optimal conditions. Since, mainly, it is water that you will consume; it avoids problems of dry skin and lack of elasticity.

The vitamin C has an excellent anti – inflammatory effect so soon you’ll notice less discomfort caused by fluid retention. This is complemented by the improvement of the immune system.


Although, apparently, this diet is a great help, there are some points you should consider. The first is that the drastic change in calorie intake can make you feel weak.

Lemon can cause irritation in the stomach and aggravate some problems. Acid reflux is one of the conditions that are often worsened by citrus.

The results of the lemon diet

If you decide to make this lemon diet you can lose between 4 and 5 kilograms in just one week. While this sounds like a magical and simple method, remember that to achieve this it is necessary dedication and discipline at the time of meals and the intake of lemon juice.[email protected]/49862442198/in/dateposted-public/